"Micah directed a video for my software company, WordRake. When I watched him work, he impressed me with how easy he made it look –– framing shots, instructing actors, and working with grips and his cinematographer. I also noticed they all seemed to respect and enjoy working with him. All of that bodes well for the client. At the end of watching the first rough-cut, I actually started cheering. I can highly recommend Micah for several reasons:

He brings  a fresh and unique eye to filming a video, but he also realizes that his priority is to sell a product. He listens to his clients, focuses on keeping them happy, and sticks to budget. He encouraged me to attend the main day of shooting and frequently asked for my opinion. He knows the Northwest community and it's talent pool. He wants to get it right. 

I can't imagine a Director more talented, nice to work with, and intent on satisfying the wishes of his clients."


WordRake Founder  & New York Times - Best Selling Author 

"Micah put together a high level film production on a ridiculously short timeline and squeezed real cinema out of a very limited shooting schedule. The results were miles beyond my expectations."


Best-Selling Author, “Warm Bodies” and "The Burning World"

“Micah is great to have on our team because he is like having a multitool in your pocket. He can cover several areas ranging from producing, directing and shooting. He is professional and knows his way around set. We have worked with Micah for several years and we are always glad to have him on a production.



Managing Partner at Arc Media Studios

“Micah has a tremendous passion for film, and he is continually looking for ways to push the boundaries on projects to make them exceptional.”


Creative Director | Executive Producer

Hand Crank Films

“We were so impressed with the speed and efficiency of filming. Huge thanks to...Micah, and team for all their time and effort.”.”

- Microsoft Life Team

“Micah Knapp is focused, professional and determined to bring the best quality to his clients. That's why I work with Micah, because he's interested in the long term high quality that comes from experience and a high regard for quality production and customer service. His vision for each project is seen in every moment captured in the lens and the big picture end product. Above all, it's Micah's energy that sets him apart.”


Creative Director at Ocaprio Films


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